DudePerfect Review

When you first watch Dude Perfect videos, you would probably jump to the immediate conclusion that these guys are a bunch of annoying frat dudes, but they are far from that stereotype. All of them are Christian, and they make no effort in trying to conceal that fact. Although I am not religious whatsoever, I have no problem with their overt religiousness since they do not try to shove their faith down your throat. The group keeps their videos clean and fun so that anyone can watch them, which is respectable.

Dude Perfect has come a long way since the beginning when they did trick basketball shots in their backyards. Their videos, although usually sports based, are very diverse and cover a wide range of creatively inspired videos. What is really cool is how they have acquired various celebrities and athletes to perform on their videos. They have been featured on many television shows with their trick shot videos that usually involve a ton of preparation and precision. One of my favorite videos is the one where they shoot a basketball 220 feet from the top of a church tower into a basketball rim.

Besides trick shot videos, which usually are Dude Perfect’s most common ones, they also do other things like devising Rube Goldberg machines or satirical videos making fun of sports stereotypes. The guys like to rib each other along with other guests on their videos, but they are never cruel to one another. It’s like watching a group of friends making homemade videos just for the sake of entertaining themselves. They have been involved with numerous charities and use their popularity to attract attention to the problems those charitable organizations address. They even have turned down various sponsorship, such as ones from alcohol companies and some male magazines that have offensive content, due to their faith. I have to commend Dude Perfect for sticking to their guns and not letting the incentive of money warp their values at all. While some critics claim that some of their videos are fake, they have stated that every single video is real, but they may do many takes in order to achieve some of their incredible stunts.

All in all, this YouTube channel is really entertaining and a great way to kill some downtime. The lightheartedness of these videos is welcome in this age where so many people try to be provocative. I would like to see these guys do videos with some of their fans in order to get their fanbase more involved. With all the charitable events they do, I think it would be really special for some of their fans who are more unfortunate.