PewDiePie Review


While I’m normally not a fan of most Youtubers who provide commentary while they are playing video games, I find PewDiePie to be good at what he does. What is especially cool is seeing how PewDiePie has progressed throughout the years in terms of exploring other avenues on his channel. PewDiePie has become a cult of personality on YouTube. Some of his most ardent fans would even say he’s the most famous internet celebrity, which seems like the case with him having literally millions of followers.

PewDiePie has a natural gift for conveying humor while talking about any topic. His facial expressions are as versatile and comical as Jim Carrey’s. When he is playing horror games live, his frightened reactions are priceless. He provides some back story to each game he plays and gets you immersed into whatever game he plays. He has a knack for finding relatively unknown games and exposing them to the public, thus making them more popular.

Aside from doing gameplay walkthroughs and reviews, PewDiePie has moved on to making other videos such as makeup tutorials and providing his opinions on various things like politics and fellow celebrities. What I really appreciate about PewDiePie is his devotion to his fans and his charitable nature. He has made many donations to charities from all the money he has made, which is really nice to see in people of his stature. He really seems to care what his fans think of him and tries as hard as he can to respond to their feedback and do videos based on their suggestions. He even shares the spotlight with his girlfriend, who is also entertaining. The two of them are very cute together and they provide tips on relationships and sex. The way they communicate with one another seems very genuine.

Although there are plenty of critics who don’t like PewDiePie, it should be acknowledged that he did work his way up in the internet world, gathering followers over the years. His sense of humor isn’t for everyone, and that’s understandable. He mainly appeals to teenagers and college students and uses internet terminology that some might not get if they aren’t up to date on internet trends. I think he is one of the better examples of YouTube stars since he does not try to start any conflict with anyone and makes public apologies if his jokes offend anyone. He has stated before that he just wants to entertain and inform people, and that is exactly what he does.

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FailArmy Review

If you enjoy fail videos, then look no further. If you are having a bad day nothing makes it better, faster than watching someone else have even a worse day! The FailArmy YouTube channel has hundreds of funny and painful fail videos. You are sure to find something you like with videos such as: Fails of the Month, Funny Baby Fails, Bad Friends Fails, Farm Animal Fails, Frozen Fails, Christmas Fails, Insta Karma Fails and more.

FailArmy’s videos are well edited and do not have any background music. Background music can ruin a good video in my opinion. So sit down and waste a few hours on YouTube already!

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CinemaSins Review

CinemaSins is a popular YouTube channel that does just what it’s name suggests.   The narrator points out faults, or “sins” while playing clips from recent movies.  Each of CinemaSins YouTube videos are focused on one movie and are generally around 15 minutes.

The narrator does an excellent job and has a great sense of humor.  It’s easy to hooked and watch for a few hours.   CinemaSins puts out new YouTube videos every Tuesday and Thursday.

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