DudePerfect Review

When you first watch Dude Perfect videos, you would probably jump to the immediate conclusion that these guys are a bunch of annoying frat dudes, but they are far from that stereotype. All of them are Christian, and they make no effort in trying to conceal that fact. Although I am not religious whatsoever, I have no problem with their overt religiousness since they do not try to shove their faith down your throat. The group keeps their videos clean and fun so that anyone can watch them, which is respectable.

Dude Perfect has come a long way since the beginning when they did trick basketball shots in their backyards. Their videos, although usually sports based, are very diverse and cover a wide range of creatively inspired videos. What is really cool is how they have acquired various celebrities and athletes to perform on their videos. They have been featured on many television shows with their trick shot videos that usually involve a ton of preparation and precision. One of my favorite videos is the one where they shoot a basketball 220 feet from the top of a church tower into a basketball rim.

Besides trick shot videos, which usually are Dude Perfect’s most common ones, they also do other things like devising Rube Goldberg machines or satirical videos making fun of sports stereotypes. The guys like to rib each other along with other guests on their videos, but they are never cruel to one another. It’s like watching a group of friends making homemade videos just for the sake of entertaining themselves. They have been involved with numerous charities and use their popularity to attract attention to the problems those charitable organizations address. They even have turned down various sponsorship, such as ones from alcohol companies and some male magazines that have offensive content, due to their faith. I have to commend Dude Perfect for sticking to their guns and not letting the incentive of money warp their values at all. While some critics claim that some of their videos are fake, they have stated that every single video is real, but they may do many takes in order to achieve some of their incredible stunts.

All in all, this YouTube channel is really entertaining and a great way to kill some downtime. The lightheartedness of these videos is welcome in this age where so many people try to be provocative. I would like to see these guys do videos with some of their fans in order to get their fanbase more involved. With all the charitable events they do, I think it would be really special for some of their fans who are more unfortunate.

The 5 Best YouTube Kid’s Channels

With well over a billion viewers each month, YouTube has certainly made its mark on the Internet and global entertainment. From amateur videos to professionally produced online series, there is definitely something everyone in the family will find time to enjoy. Best of all, YouTube is enjoyed on computer screens, Smart TVs and a variable plethora of mobile devices. So this form of entertainment moves where you do. Schedule to watch it at your time and convenience.

One of the most wonderful aspects of YouTube is the wide variety of programming it carries for kids. You’ll find kid friendly channels designed for all age groups, from toddlers through teenagers. Short videos combine music, learning, art projects and most of all – fun. To help you decide where to begin, here’s a selection of exciting kid-friendly YouTube Channels that more than “make the grade.”

Simple Kids Crafts

This channel features How-To videos on a myriad of crafts that can be assembled at home using inexpensive items you probably already have. These short video segments are wonderful for rainy day fun and indoor summer projects. Best of all, none of the arts and crafts projects shown are too complex, too time consuming or too expensive for most families to undertake.

Each of the videos takes five minutes or less to watch. The DIY instructions are clear and easy to follow for children of grade school age or higher. The crafts shown are conveniently eco-friendly and often use recycled materials that are already around your home. Your kids can learn how to make crafts like decorative tops for bottle-caps, doll clothing and toys from everyday household items.

While the channel is best for younger children, parents will enjoy finding crafting ideas that they can design at home or develop for use in a classroom setting. Currently, there are over 700 videos on this channel to choose from. New video segments generally appear on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Saturday videos also include “Shout-Outs” to faithful YouTube viewers.

Little Red Car

This YouTube channel is home to approximately 70 videos of nursery rhyme songs about cars. The little red car in the videos shares the fun adventures he has with his car friends in car city. These songs are easy for pre-schoolers to sing and hum along with. Young children are introduced to basic concepts like colors, shapes, numbers and the alphabet.

Episodes also display important life skills like friendship and self confidence. This kids channel is continuously updated, with new videos appearing weekly. Each cartoon is short and gentle enough for even very young viewers. Toddler through kindergarten age children particularly enjoy the colorful images, inviting songs and array of friendly vehicles that literally come to life on screen.


Here’s a YouTube channel designed for pre-school through grade school kids and their families. Developed by a parent, viewers spend time with the seven members of the Snook family. The Snook family is an actual family and the Snook kids are as natural on screen as your own. Videos range from DIY crafts, homemade games and exploration challenges to Snook family vacations.

Pre-school through grade school age kids have fun learning how to involve themselves in activities without the use of store bought toys or electronics. Arts and crafts video segments feature how to make paper-mache sculptures and create a variety of novelty paper-mache party pinatas in shapes like teddy bears. Little Star Wars fans will learn how to craft a cool cosmic light saber out of an inexpensive foam swimming pool noodle. In short, these videos literally define good, clean family fun.

Easy to understand videos include segments with DIY recipes for no-bake cookies and healthy treats. Kids can watch along with their parents to follow the Snook family as they undertake a Lego challenge or hike outdoors. In one inviting video, everyone is along for the ride as the Snook family visits the famous Jelly Belly Bean Factory for a tour.

The Brain Scoop

This kid oriented channel originates directly from the world renown Chicago Field Museum. It provides scientific fact along with quirky trivia. Kids enjoy watching videos which correspond to their interest in science, history and general curiosity. The material is suitable for viewers from the upper elementary grades, through middle school years, into early high school. While the information is presented in a simple to understand format, adults will also enjoy the museum educators and high definition visuals.

Each lesson is led by very likeable “Chief Curiosity Correspondent” Emily Graslie. She speaks directly to the viewer and is easy to virtually bond with. As a former volunteer staff member of the University of Montana Zoological Museum, Emily finds out what interests her viewers. In these videos she conducts hands-on science experiments and demonstrations of biology concepts. There is talk of animals we see today, as well as the kid favorite pre-historic dinosaur variety.

Sometimes Emily is joined by other museum professionals in her quest for answers. Video topics include Shoes, Amazing Lasers and oddities like why King Tut of ancient Egypt had a flat head. Be aware that some videos may not be suitable for all viewers. (One video entitled “How Bird Vomit Helps Us Understand History” comes to mind.) However this YouTube channel is so kid friendly that it contains a “gross meter” with every video. This gives you a moment of “viewer discretion” to pre-screen the material to adjust for your child’s individual level of learning and personal safety zone.

Minute Physics

If you can spend just one minute watching a YouTube video, then you’ve got time to learn what modern science has to offer. These videos explore concepts that run the gamut from gravity on earth to elements of nature around us, to how the sun shines upon us. Viewers are treated to live action and animated illustrations, which are paired with gentle instructional voice overs.

Each episode tackles a complex topic and breaks it down into simple scientific fun and thought provoking ideas. Parents will find videos suitable for multiple grade levels. Science is explored through grade school curiosities like how a two way mirror works, to middle school level studies involving “Black Matter” in the universe.

There are currently 188 videos on Minute Physics, which are broken down into four different YouTube Channels. Older children, tweens and young teens will enjoy the brevity of these programs. Beginning topics include “Is it Better to Walk or Run in the Rain” and “What is Gravity.” More advanced subject matter delves into topics like entitled “Why is the Solar System Flat” to “What if the Earth was Hollow?”

PewDiePie Review


While I’m normally not a fan of most Youtubers who provide commentary while they are playing video games, I find PewDiePie to be good at what he does. What is especially cool is seeing how PewDiePie has progressed throughout the years in terms of exploring other avenues on his channel. PewDiePie has become a cult of personality on YouTube. Some of his most ardent fans would even say he’s the most famous internet celebrity, which seems like the case with him having literally millions of followers.

PewDiePie has a natural gift for conveying humor while talking about any topic. His facial expressions are as versatile and comical as Jim Carrey’s. When he is playing horror games live, his frightened reactions are priceless. He provides some back story to each game he plays and gets you immersed into whatever game he plays. He has a knack for finding relatively unknown games and exposing them to the public, thus making them more popular.

Aside from doing gameplay walkthroughs and reviews, PewDiePie has moved on to making other videos such as makeup tutorials and providing his opinions on various things like politics and fellow celebrities. What I really appreciate about PewDiePie is his devotion to his fans and his charitable nature. He has made many donations to charities from all the money he has made, which is really nice to see in people of his stature. He really seems to care what his fans think of him and tries as hard as he can to respond to their feedback and do videos based on their suggestions. He even shares the spotlight with his girlfriend, who is also entertaining. The two of them are very cute together and they provide tips on relationships and sex. The way they communicate with one another seems very genuine.

Although there are plenty of critics who don’t like PewDiePie, it should be acknowledged that he did work his way up in the internet world, gathering followers over the years. His sense of humor isn’t for everyone, and that’s understandable. He mainly appeals to teenagers and college students and uses internet terminology that some might not get if they aren’t up to date on internet trends. I think he is one of the better examples of YouTube stars since he does not try to start any conflict with anyone and makes public apologies if his jokes offend anyone. He has stated before that he just wants to entertain and inform people, and that is exactly what he does.

Check out the PewDiePie YouTube channel.

FailArmy Review

If you enjoy fail videos, then look no further. If you are having a bad day nothing makes it better, faster than watching someone else have even a worse day! The FailArmy YouTube channel has hundreds of funny and painful fail videos. You are sure to find something you like with videos such as: Fails of the Month, Funny Baby Fails, Bad Friends Fails, Farm Animal Fails, Frozen Fails, Christmas Fails, Insta Karma Fails and more.

FailArmy’s videos are well edited and do not have any background music. Background music can ruin a good video in my opinion. So sit down and waste a few hours on YouTube already!

Check out the FailArmy YouTube channel page!